How to run WSO2 API Manager Micro-Gateway in Windows environment

Introduction This post will guide you through how to setup, build and finally run a WSO2 API Manager Micro-Gateway instance in Windows environment. The steps will be more or less same in a Unix-Like environment, except for running the Micro-Gateway as a windows service. Let begin with the question what is WSO2 API Manager Micro-Gateway? What is WSO2 API Manager Micro-Gateway […]

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WSO2 API Manger Dynamic Endpoint URLs

Introduction In this post, I will be discussing, how to change the API endpoint URL dynamically when you are moving an API through different environments in WSO2 API Manager. A good use case on, when we need to change the endpoint URL dynamically has been explained in this post by Nuwan. In a scenario where you have different unique endpoint per […]

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Getting started with NVIDIA Jetson TK1

I thought of writing a blog about my newly bought Jetson TK1 Development kit, Even though I bought it recently it is not a new product, It was there since May 2014,And now we have it’s latest model Jetson TX1 with 64bit processor architecture.The price was quite high for TX1 (~550$ ) where I could afford […]

OAuth playground for WSO2 API Manager

In this article, I will demonstrate how to use WSO2 API Manager REST APIs for create new client application and generate an access token and access secured API using the generated access token. This article is to be completed If you are interested in playing with the code, Here you can find the code on GitHub. What […]